Michael John Shambrook, Esq.

Michael Shambrook
I am a lawyer who really enjoys working with clients to obtain the best results possible, the one you need and want. I work in the Cannabis area of law defending, for example, growers and transporters when charged with criminal offences. I also work hard to obtain the return of Assets seized under the civil State and Federal Asset Forfeiture laws. As a result of Cannabis interdiction programs by Law Enforcement I also DUI marijuana and alcohol criminal defense. I obtain good, nay GREAT, results due to my integrity and diligent, tenacious pursuit of steadfastly requiring the prosecution to prove their case. I am trusted by the grower community and am a proud member of the leading Asset Forfeiture Organization (www.FEAR.org) and the California DUI Lawyers Association, where I am associated with other attorneys dedicated to fight for the constitutional rights of the accused. With California Counties now permitting Cannabis grows, I am working with growers helping them deal with the likes of the Franchise Tax Board, the Water Authority, the Planning Department, and all the other many County and State departments that AB266 - the new Bill authorizing Permitting by the Counties and Licensing by the State of California - to regulate and trace and track and tax, as the marijuana seed grows and makes its way along the commercial path to ultimately the consumer.
Main Focus : Cannabis Defense, Permitting and Licensing together with Cannabis related Asset Forfeiture Defense, State and Federal (throughout California); and Asset Protection counselling. DUI Marijuana and Alcohol Defense mainly in Mendocino, Sonoma, and Lake Counties.